Walking route in Lambrecht (Pfalz)

Visit Lambrecht (Pfalz)'s top attractions in this 1.7 hour itinerary. Burg Elmstein, Alte Samenklenge, Elmsteiner Wappenschmiede and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.7 hour Lambrecht (Pfalz) itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 6.9 km 1.7 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 650 m 9 minutes
  2. Walk 530 m 7 minutes
  3. Walk 0 m less than minute
  4. Walk 990 m 14 minutes
  5. Walk 1.1 km 16 minutes
  6. Walk 680 m 10 minutes
  7. Walk 1.4 km 21 minutes
  8. Walk 60 m less than minute
  9. Walk 710 m 10 minutes
  10. Walk 400 m 5 minutes
  11. Walk 210 m 3 minutes

    Burg Elmstein Ruins

    Elmstein Castle (German: Burg Elmstein) is a castle ruin built in the High Middle Ages overlooking Elmstein in the Palatinate Forest in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It was built in the 12th century. == Location == The ruins are on a hill, 290 metres (950 ft) high, on the northern side of the Speyerbach valley (Speyerbachtal) in the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzerwald). == History == In the 12th and 13th centuries, Elmstein was built as a Palatine castle in order to guard the route through the valley. The feoffees held the title of Schenk, a German aristocratic title that originally meant cup bearer.

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