Walking route in Speyer

Visit Speyer's top attractions in this 1.2 hour itinerary. Historisches Museum der Pfalz, Historisches Rathaus Speyer, Stadthaus, Stadtverwaltung and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.2 hour Speyer itinerary.

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Walking 4.6 km 1.2 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Ölberg Attraction

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  2. Walk 200 m / 3 minutes
  3. Walk 20 m / less than minute
  4. Walk 50 m / less than minute
  5. Walk 170 m / 2 minutes
  6. Walk 30 m / less than minute
  7. Walk 50 m / less than minute
  8. Walk 460 m / 7 minutes
  9. Walk 620 m / 9 minutes

    Gedächtniskirche der Protestation Church

    The Gedächtniskirche der Protestation (English: The Memorial Church of the Protestation) is a United Protestant church of both Lutheran and Reformed confessions in Speyer, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany that commemorates the Protestation at Speyer in defense of the evangelical faith, specifically Lutheranism. Built between 1893 and 1904, the church was constructed in memory of the protest that took place at the Diet of Speyer by the Protestant rulers of the Holy Roman Empire in 1529. The tower is the tallest bell tower in the whole Palatinate at 100 metres (330 ft). == Historical background == In the latter part of the nineteenth century during the time of the Kulturkampf, relations between Protestants and Catholics were strained. The Gedächtniskirche was intended as a mother church for Protestant Christianity, although debates among the Protestants led to a delay of about 35 years between the original idea and the laying of the foundations.

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  10. Walk 230 m / 3 minutes
  11. Walk 310 m / 4 minutes
  12. Walk 110 m / 1 minute

    Altpörtel Castle

    The Old Gate (Altpoertel) is the medieval west city gate of Speyer, and is one of the original 68 towers in the old walls and gates. Today it is one of the largest (55 metres (180 ft) high) and most architecturally significant of the remaining city gates in Germany. == History == The Old Gate was built between 1230 and 1250 on the ruins of a previous tower. The bottom of the 13th century tower remains as the foundation but, in 1511, Speyer's mayor ordered that the tower be rebuilt, so the top portion is newer. It was completed in 1514.

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  13. Walk 310 m / 4 minutes
  14. Walk 330 m / 5 minutes
  15. Walk 50 m / less than minute
  16. Walk 230 m / 3 minutes
  17. Walk 230 m / 3 minutes
  18. Walk 70 m / 1 minute
  19. Walk 90 m / 1 minute
  20. Walk 70 m / 1 minute

    Domnapf Attraction

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  21. Walk 140 m / 2 minutes

    Dom zu Speyer Attraction

    The Speyer Cathedral, officially the Imperial Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and St Stephen, in Latin: Domus sanctae Mariae Spirae (German: Dom zu Unserer lieben Frau in Speyer) in Speyer, Germany, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Speyer and is suffragan to the Archdiocese of Bamberg. The cathedral, which is dedicated to St. Mary, patron saint of Speyer ("Patrona Spirensis") and St. Stephen is generally known as Kaiserdom zu Speyer (Imperial Cathedral of Speyer). Pope Pius XI raised Speyer Cathedral to the rank of a minor basilica of the Roman Catholic Church in 1925.

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  22. Walk 220 m / 3 minutes
  23. Walk 150 m / 2 minutes
  24. Walk 180 m / 2 minutes
  25. Walk 130 m / 2 minutes

    Historisches Museum der Pfalz Museum

    The Historical Museum of the Palatinate (German: Historisches Museum der Pfalz) is a museum in the city of Speyer in the Palatinate region of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is situated across the square from the Speyer Cathedral. The museum's focus is on the History of the Palatinate; it has a collection of about 1 million artifacts, the oldest being an approximately 190,000-year-old hand axe. The museum is among the most important in Germany, and is known for its special exhibitions. With over 200,000 visitors per year it is one of the major attractions of Speyer.

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