Walking route in Bad Oeynhausen

Visit Bad Oeynhausen's top attractions in this 1.6 hour itinerary. Peter Lenné, Friedrich Wilhelm IV. König von Preußen, Auferstehungskirche and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.6 hour Bad Oeynhausen itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 6.3 km 1.6 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 210 m 3 minutes
  2. Walk 410 m 6 minutes
  3. Walk 70 m 1 minute
  4. Walk 160 m 2 minutes
  5. Walk 30 m less than minute
  6. Walk 650 m 9 minutes
  7. Walk 110 m 1 minute
  8. Walk 590 m 8 minutes

    Peter Lenné Memorial

    Peter Joseph Lenné (the Younger) (29 September 1789 – 23 January 1866) was a Prussian gardener and landscape architect. As director general of the Royal Prussian palaces and parks in Potsdam and Berlin, his work shaped the development of 19th-century German garden design in the Neoclassical style. Laid-out according to the principles of the English landscape garden, his parks are today part of the UNESCO World Heritage. == Life and works == Lenné was born in Bonn, then part of the Electorate of Cologne, the son of the court and university gardener Peter Joseph Lenné the Elder (1756–1821), and his wife, Anna Catharina Potgieter (also Potgeter), daughter of the mayor of Rheinberg. The Lenné family descended from the Prince-Bishopric of Liège, Peter Joseph's ancestor Augustin Le Neu had settled in Poppelsdorf near Bonn as court gardener of Archbishop-Elector Maximilian Henry of Bavaria about 1665.

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  9. Walk 190 m 2 minutes
  10. Walk 100 m 1 minute
  11. Walk 160 m 2 minutes
  12. Walk 200 m 3 minutes
  13. Walk 400 m 5 minutes
  14. Walk 220 m 3 minutes
  15. Walk 90 m 1 minute
  16. Walk 60 m 1 minute
  17. Walk 140 m 2 minutes
  18. Walk 520 m 7 minutes
  19. Walk 150 m 2 minutes
  20. Walk 400 m 6 minutes

    Friedrich Wilhelm IV. König von Preußen Memorial

    Frederick William IV (German: Friedrich Wilhelm IV.; 15 October 1795 – 2 January 1861), the eldest son and successor of Frederick William III of Prussia, reigned as King of Prussia from 1840 to 1861. Also referred to as the "romanticist on the throne", he is best remembered for the many buildings he had constructed in Berlin and Potsdam, as well as for the completion of the Gothic Cologne Cathedral. In politics, he was a conservative, and in 1849 rejected the title of Emperor of the Germans offered by the Frankfurt Parliament as not the Parliament's to give. In 1857, he suffered a stroke and was left incapacitated until his death. == Early life == Born to Frederick William III by his wife Queen Louise, he was the latter's favourite son.

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  21. Walk 220 m 3 minutes
  22. Walk 280 m 4 minutes
  23. Walk 200 m 3 minutes
  24. Walk 250 m 3 minutes

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