Walking route in Wiesbaden

Visit Wiesbaden's top attractions in this 1.4 hour itinerary. Hessisches Staatstheater, Kurhaus Wiesbaden, Kochbrunnen and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.4 hour Wiesbaden itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 5.4 km 1.4 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 70 m / 1 minute
  2. Walk 170 m / 2 minutes
  3. Walk 370 m / 5 minutes
  4. Walk 630 m / 9 minutes

    Hessisches Staatstheater Attraction

    The Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden is the State Theatre of the German state Hesse in its capital Wiesbaden, producing operas, plays, ballets, musicals and concerts on four stages. It is also known as Staatstheater Wiesbaden or Theater Wiesbaden, its orchestra is the Hessisches Staatsorchester. The building was inaugurated in 1894. The theatre is the host for the annual festival Internationale Maifestspiele Wiesbaden, established in 1896 after the Bayreuth Festival. == History == The building of the theatre was initiated and substantially supported by the German emperor William I who regularly visited the spa in Wiesbaden.

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  5. Walk 200 m / 3 minutes
  6. Walk 200 m / 3 minutes
  7. Walk 160 m / 2 minutes
  8. Walk 280 m / 4 minutes
  9. Walk 270 m / 4 minutes

    Kochbrunnen Attraction

    The Kochbrunnen (in German: boil fountain) in Wiesbaden is the most famous hot spring in city. It is a sodium chloride hot spring. Its name refers to the water temperature of about 66 °C. The source on the Kochbrunnenplatz was first mentioned in 1366 as Bryeborn (Brühborn) and 1536 as Syedenborn (Siedeborn). The productivity is about 360 liters every minute. The fountain has well water when exiting a temperature of 66.1 °C, smells faintly of hydrogen sulfide and strong salty taste.

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  10. Walk 270 m / 4 minutes
  11. Walk 130 m / 2 minutes
  12. Walk 20 m / less than minute
  13. Walk 360 m / 5 minutes
  14. Walk 60 m / less than minute
  15. Walk 170 m / 2 minutes
  16. Walk 180 m / 2 minutes
  17. Walk 250 m / 3 minutes
  18. Walk 390 m / 5 minutes
  19. Walk 40 m / less than minute
  20. Walk 90 m / 1 minute
  21. Walk 200 m / 3 minutes
  22. Walk 360 m / 5 minutes
  23. Walk 100 m / 1 minute
  24. Walk 220 m / 3 minutes

    Kurhaus Wiesbaden Building

    The Kurhaus ("cure house")(pronounced "coor house") is the spa house in Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse, Germany. It serves as the city's convention centre, and is the social center of the spa town with many events throughout the year. In addition to a large and a smaller hall, it houses a dining restaurant and the Wiesbaden Casino, or Spielbank, which is notable for allowing the "highest roulette stakes in Germany" (as of 2005), and where Fyodor Dostoyevsky was said to have received the inspiration for his novel, The Gambler. == Location == The Kurhaus Wiesbaden is in the centre of Wiesbaden, part of the Kureck (spa corner) at the end of the main street, Wilhelmstraße, with the town proper being situated on the other side of the Wilhelmstraße. Its main entrance, on the west side, faces the so-called Bowling Green, a grass-covered square with two fountains, so named by British spa guests.

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