Walking route in Ingolstadt

Visit Ingolstadt's top attractions in this 1.1 hour itinerary. Herzogskasten, Schutterhof, Neues Schloss and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.1 hour Ingolstadt itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 4.5 km 1.1 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 120 m 1 minute
  2. Walk 110 m 1 minute
  3. Walk 100 m 1 minute

    Neues Schloss Castle

    The New Castle in Ingolstadt is one of the most important Gothic secular buildings of the 15th Century in Bavaria. The builders were Louis VII, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and Duke George the Rich of Bavaria-Landshut, both of the Wittelsbach dynasty. The neighboring Old Castle, a medieval fortress from the 13th Century, is today called Herzogkasten. == History == As a brother of the French queen Isabeau, Ludwig spent more than ten years in France. After returning to his home city of Ingolstadt, he could draw on abundant finances and in 1418 gave the order to build the new castle following French models.

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  4. Walk 100 m 1 minute
  5. Walk 640 m 9 minutes
  6. Walk 150 m 2 minutes
  7. Walk 150 m 2 minutes
  8. Walk 200 m 3 minutes
  9. Walk 410 m 6 minutes
  10. Walk 160 m 2 minutes
  11. Walk 70 m 1 minute
  12. Walk 10 m less than minute
  13. Walk 50 m less than minute
  14. Walk 40 m less than minute
  15. Walk 220 m 3 minutes
  16. Walk 230 m 3 minutes
  17. Walk 170 m 2 minutes

    Kreuztor Castle

    The Kreuztor, built in 1385, is the western gateway to the medieval city center of Ingolstadt. The tower's name is derived from the leper house belonging to the Church of the Holy Cross (Kirche zum heiligen Kreuz), which stood to the west of the city walls until its destruction in the Schmalkaldic War in 1546. This seven-turreted guard tower was part of Ingolstadt's second city wall. Of the city's four principal gates (the Feldkirchnertor, Hardertor, Kreuztor and Donautor), only this and the Feldkirchnertor survive today, the latter as part of the castle complex.

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  18. Walk 180 m 2 minutes
  19. Walk 270 m 4 minutes
  20. Walk 260 m 3 minutes
  21. Walk 90 m 1 minute
  22. Walk 90 m 1 minute
  23. Walk 210 m 3 minutes
  24. Walk 110 m 1 minute

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