Walking route in Nuremberg

Visit Nuremberg's top attractions in this 1.4 hour itinerary. Henkersteg, Weißer Turm, Germanisches Nationalmuseum and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.4 hour Nuremberg itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 5.6 km 1.4 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 190 m / 2 minutes
  2. Walk 330 m / 5 minutes

    Verkehrsmuseum Museum

    The Nuremberg Transport Museum (Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg) is based in Nuremberg, Germany, and consists of the Deutsche Bahn's own DB Museum and the Museum of Communications (Museum für Kommunikation). It also has two satellite museums at Koblenz-Lützel (the DB Museum Koblenz) and Halle (DB Museum Halle). The Nuremberg Transport Museum is one of the oldest technical history museums in Europe. In February 2007 the official name of the DB Museum became the Company Museum of the Deutsche Bahn AG (Firmenmuseum der Deutschen Bahn AG). It is a milestone on the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH).

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  3. Walk 290 m / 4 minutes
  4. Walk 450 m / 6 minutes
  5. Walk 760 m / 11 minutes
  6. Walk 370 m / 5 minutes
  7. Walk 370 m / 5 minutes
  8. Walk 410 m / 6 minutes
  9. Walk 140 m / 2 minutes
  10. Walk 190 m / 2 minutes
  11. Walk 50 m / less than minute
  12. Walk 360 m / 5 minutes
  13. Walk 10 m / less than minute
  14. Walk 120 m / 1 minute
  15. Walk 30 m / less than minute
  16. Walk 30 m / less than minute

    St. Rochus Statue

    Saint Roch or Rocco (lived c. 1348 – 15/16 August 1376/79 (traditionally c. 1295 – 16 August 1327)) was a Catholic saint, a confessor whose death is commemorated on 16 August and 9 September in Italy; he is specially invoked against the plague. He may also be called Rock in English, and has the designation of St Rollox in Glasgow, Scotland, said to be a corruption of St Roch's Loch. He is a patron saint of dogs, falsely accused people, bachelors, and several other things.

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  17. Walk 300 m / 4 minutes
  18. Walk 110 m / 1 minute
  19. Walk 100 m / 1 minute
  20. Walk 230 m / 3 minutes
  21. Walk 50 m / less than minute
  22. Walk 310 m / 4 minutes
  23. Walk 70 m / 1 minute

    Straße der Menschenrechte Attraction

    The Way of Human Rights (German: Straße der Menschenrechte) is a monumental outdoor sculpture in Nuremberg, Germany. It was opened on 24 October 1993. It is sited on the street between the new and old buildings of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, connecting Kornmarkt street and the medieval city wall. In 1988, a twelve-person jury from the Germanisches Nationalmuseum held a design competition to decide on the artistic design of the Kartäusergasse street in Nuremberg. The winner was a proposal by Israeli artist Dani Karavan consisting of a gate, 27 round pillars made of white concrete, two pillars buried in the ground showing only a round plate, and one columnar oak, for a total of 30 pillars.

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  24. Walk 120 m / 1 minute

    Germanisches Nationalmuseum Museum

    The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is a museum in Nuremberg, Germany. Founded in 1852, it houses a large collection of items relating to German culture and art extending from prehistoric times through to the present day. The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is Germany's largest museum of cultural history. Out of its total holding of some 1.3 million objects (including the holdings of the library and the Department of Prints and Drawings), approximately 25,000 are exhibited. The museum is situated in the south of the historic city center between Kornmarkt and Frauentormauer along the medieval city wall.

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