Walking route in Nuremberg

Visit Nuremberg's top attractions in this 4.8 hours itinerary. Willy-Brandt-Denkmal, Handwerkerhof, Martin-Behaim-Denkmal and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 4.8 hours Nuremberg itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 19.3 km 4.8 hours

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 1.1 km / 15 minutes
  2. Walk 1.0 km / 15 minutes
  3. Walk 340 m / 5 minutes
  4. Walk 270 m / 4 minutes

    Kunsthalle Nürnberg Museum

    The Kunsthalle Nürnberg is an art centre founded in 1967, near the city centre. It organizes exhibitions by contemporary international artists in its galleries in Nuremberg. The Kunsthalle commissions new work by a majority of the artists it works with.

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  5. Walk 80 m / 1 minute
  6. Walk 1.1 km / 16 minutes
  7. Walk 1.3 km / 19 minutes
  8. Walk 940 m / 14 minutes
  9. Walk 1.1 km / 17 minutes

    Neues Museum Museum

    Neues Museum Nürnberg is a museum for modern and contemporary art and design in Nuremberg, Germany. It was opened in April 2000.

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  10. Walk 590 m / 8 minutes
  11. Walk 880 m / 13 minutes

    St. Egidien Church

    St Egidien on Egidienplatz is the former Benedictine Abbey of Saint Giles (Egidienskirche), now a church in the former free imperial city of Nuremberg, southern Germany. It is considered a significant contribution to the baroque church architecture of Middle Franconia. == History == The first church building was probably built in the years 1120/1130 on the site of the second, northern Nuremberg royal court. The royal courts administered royal possessions, agriculture and forestry. Thus, it had the status of a royal church.

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  12. Walk 140 m / 2 minutes
  13. Walk 200 m / 2 minutes
  14. Walk 1.2 km / 17 minutes
  15. Walk 590 m / 8 minutes

    St. Katharinen Church

    The Katharinenkirche (St. Catherine's Church) in Nuremberg, Bavaria, was an important mediaeval church, destroyed during the Second World War and preserved as a ruin. == History == St. Catherine's was the church of a former Dominican convent, in the Diocese of Bamberg, famous for its Medieval Library. It was founded in 1295 by Konrad von Neumarkt and his wife Adelheid, patricians of the Pfinzig family.

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  16. Walk 290 m / 4 minutes
  17. Walk 910 m / 13 minutes
  18. Walk 1.3 km / 19 minutes
  19. Walk 700 m / 10 minutes
  20. Walk 630 m / 9 minutes
  21. Walk 920 m / 13 minutes
  22. Walk 1.1 km / 15 minutes

    Neues Museum - Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design in Nürnberg Museum

    Neues Museum Nürnberg is a museum for modern and contemporary art and design in Nuremberg, Germany. It was opened in April 2000.

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  23. Walk 1.2 km / 17 minutes
  24. Walk 710 m / 10 minutes

    Bismarck-Denkmal Memorial

    From 1868 onwards, Bismarck monuments were erected in many parts of the German Empire in honour of the long-serving Prussian minister-president and first German Reichskanzler, Prince Otto von Bismarck. Today some of these monuments are on the soil of other countries including France, Poland and Russia as well as the former German colonies on other continents. == History == === Importance === The Bismarck monuments were the most visible and permanent expression of the veneration of Bismarck within the Empire. The size and cost of these symbols ranged from commemorative plaques to large monuments incorporating several groups of figures such as the Bismarck Memorial in Berlin. The flood of Bismarck monuments of all kinds constituted the third major wave of monument building in the German Empire after the warrior and victory monuments for the so-called Wars of Unification of 1864, 1866 and 1870–71, and the Emperor William monuments.

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