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Visit Ludwigsburg's top attractions in this 2.3 hours itinerary. Heilbronner Torhaus, Märchengarten Schloß Ludwigsburg, McDonald's and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 2.3 hours Ludwigsburg itinerary.

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Walking 9.2 km 2.3 hours

Key attractions

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  1. Favoriteschloss Castle

    Schloss Favorite is a Baroque maison de plaisance and hunting lodge in Ludwigsburg, Germany. It is located on a rise, directly north of Ludwigsburg Palace. It was built from 1717 to 1723 for the sovereign Duke of Württemberg, Eberhard Ludwig, to a design by Donato Giuseppe Frisoni. From 1806, King Frederick I of Württemberg converted the park into a ménagerie, including deer and chamois. The architect Nikolaus Friedrich von Thouret renovated the building's interior in the neoclassical style.

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  2. Walk 510 m / 7 minutes
  3. Walk 270 m / 4 minutes
  4. Walk 80 m / 1 minute
  5. Walk 420 m / 6 minutes

    Schlosstheater Building

    Schlosstheater Ludwigsburg is a theatre in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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  6. Walk 40 m / less than minute

    Schloss Ludwigsburg Castle

    This article is about the Baroque palace complex. For the other two palaces on the grounds, see Monrepos and Schloss Favorite, Ludwigsburg. For the city, see Ludwigsburg. For the porcelain manufactory, see Ludwigsburg Porcelain Manufactory. Ludwigsburg Palace (German: Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg) is a 452-room Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, and Empire palace complex located in Ludwigsburg, Germany, about 12 kilometers (7.5 mi) from the Baden-Württemberg state capital of Stuttgart.

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  7. Walk 590 m / 8 minutes
  8. Walk 60 m / 1 minute
  9. Walk 250 m / 3 minutes
  10. Walk 180 m / 2 minutes
  11. Walk 330 m / 5 minutes
  12. Walk 90 m / 1 minute
  13. Walk 650 m / 9 minutes
  14. Walk 650 m / 9 minutes
  15. Walk 80 m / 1 minute
  16. Walk 60 m / less than minute
  17. Walk 10 m / less than minute
  18. Walk 1.1 km / 17 minutes
  19. Walk 620 m / 9 minutes
  20. Walk 170 m / 2 minutes
  21. Walk 290 m / 4 minutes


    Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg is a Savings bank with seat in Ludwigsburg. == History and Briefing == It was founded in 1852. It has 1,850 employees at 119 locations in the district of Ludwigsburg and total assets of 9.55 Billion Euros. It provides financial services to small-scale businesses and retail banking customers.

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  22. Walk 400 m / 6 minutes
  23. Walk 610 m / 9 minutes

    Grabstein und Grabstätte Pauline von Württemberg Memorial

    Princess Pauline of Württemberg (German: Prinzessin Pauline Olga Helene Emma von Württemberg; 19 December 1877 – 7 May 1965) was the elder daughter of William II of Württemberg and wife of William Frederick, Prince of Wied (elder brother of William, Prince of Albania). She was the last Princess of Württemberg, as well as the last senior member of the House of Württemberg. She was for many years the regional director of the German Red Cross, in several western Germany regions. == Early life == Pauline was born at Stuttgart, Kingdom of Württemberg the first child of King William II of Württemberg (1848–1921) by his first wife Princess Marie of Waldeck and Pyrmont (1857–1882) daughter of George Victor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont and Princess Helena of Nassau. She was a first cousin of: Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (1880–1962), queen regnant of the Netherlands.

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  24. Walk 570 m / 8 minutes

    Luna Building

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  25. Walk 700 m / 10 minutes

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