Walking route in Huy

Visit Huy's top attractions in this 1.6 hour itinerary. Musée Communal de Huy, Le musée du fort de Huy, Tombeau de pierre l'Ermite and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.6 hour Huy itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 6.2 km 1.6 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 410 m / 6 minutes
  2. Walk 1.1 km / 16 minutes
  3. Walk 650 m / 9 minutes
  4. Walk 590 m / 8 minutes
  5. Walk 100 m / 1 minute
  6. Walk 310 m / 4 minutes
  7. Walk 300 m / 4 minutes
  8. Walk 300 m / 4 minutes
  9. Walk 80 m / 1 minute
  10. Walk 170 m / 2 minutes
  11. Walk 190 m / 2 minutes

    Statue de Joseph Lebeau Statue

    Jean Louis Joseph Lebeau (3 January 1794 – 19 March 1865) was a Belgian liberal statesman, the second Prime Minister. == Biography == Born in Huy, he received his early education from an uncle who was parish priest in Hannut, and became a clerk. He raised money to study Law at the University of Liège, and was called to the bar association in 1819. While in Liège, he formed a fast friendship with Charles Rogier and Paul Devaux, together with whom he founded at Liege in 1824 the Mathieu Laensbergh, afterwards Le politique, a journal which helped to unite the Catholic Party with the Liberals in their opposition to the cabinet, without manifesting any open disaffection to the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Lebeau had not aimed for the separation of the Netherlands and Belgium, but his hand was forced by the August Revolution of 1830.

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  12. Walk 340 m / 5 minutes
  13. Walk 300 m / 4 minutes
  14. Walk 300 m / 4 minutes

    Tombeau de pierre l'Ermite Statue

    Peter the Hermit (also known as Cucupeter, Little Peter or Peter of Amiens; c. 1050 – 8 July 1115) was a priest of Amiens and a key figure during the First Crusade. == Family == His name in French is Pierre l'Ermite. The structure of this name in French unlike in English has led some francophone scholars to treat l'Ermite as a surname rather than a title. According to some authors he was born around 1050 and was the son of Renauld L'Ermite of Auvergne, and his wife Alide Montaigu, de Picardie.

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