Walking route in Lier

Visit Lier's top attractions in this 1.2 hour itinerary. Kardinaal Mercier, Elzenhof, Zimmertoren and all other sights were never that easy to visit in this well planned 1.2 hour Lier itinerary.

Route type Route distance Route time
Walking 4.8 km 1.2 hour

Key attractions

Route itinerary

  1. Walk 50 m less than minute
  2. Walk 150 m 2 minutes
  3. Walk 280 m 4 minutes
  4. Walk 40 m less than minute
  5. Walk 230 m 3 minutes
  6. Walk 300 m 4 minutes
  7. Walk 470 m 7 minutes
  8. Walk 580 m 8 minutes
  9. Walk 90 m 1 minute
  10. Walk 570 m 8 minutes
  11. Walk 290 m 4 minutes
  12. Walk 380 m 5 minutes

    Stedelijk Museum Wuyts-Van Campen en Baron Caroly Museum

    Stedelijk Museum Wuyts-Van Campen en Baron Caroly (Dutch for ‘City Museum Wuyts-Van Campen and Baron Caroly') is a fine arts museum located in the city centre of Lier, Belgium. The permanent exhibition offers an overview of mainly Flemish, Belgian and Dutch paintings from the 16th to the 20th century. In addition, the museum holds a collection of objets d'art. == History == The museum takes its name from two legacies: the first by Jacob Jozef Wuyts made in 1887 and the second by Baron Georges Caroly made in 1935. The building which houses the museum originally dates from the second quarter of the 18th century and was remodelled after a design by city architect FH Cox in the period 1891-1892.

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  13. Walk 60 m less than minute
  14. Walk 10 m less than minute
  15. Walk 110 m 1 minute
  16. Walk 0 m less than minute
  17. Walk 0 m less than minute
  18. Walk 80 m 1 minute
  19. Walk 30 m less than minute
  20. Walk 40 m less than minute
  21. Walk 200 m 3 minutes
  22. Walk 30 m less than minute
  23. Walk 340 m 5 minutes
  24. Walk 350 m 5 minutes

    Zimmertoren Building

    The Zimmer tower (Dutch: Zimmertoren) is a tower in Lier, Belgium, also known as the Cornelius tower, that was originally a keep of Lier's fourteenth century city fortifications. In 1930, astronomer and clockmaker Louis Zimmer (1888–1970) built the Jubilee (or Centenary) Clock, which is displayed on the front of the tower, and consists of 12 clocks encircling a central one with 57 dials. These clocks showed time on all continents, phases of the moons, times of tides and many other periodic phenomena. In 1980 the tower became a state-protected monument. == Tower building == The original tower was built no later than 1425, though the precise date of construction is unknown.

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